In celebration of our launch, I’d like to introduce you to Yepti in this first post on our shiny new blog, Share:. We will be using this blog to discuss issues in sustainability, tech, the sharing-economy and more in order to spark debates and conversations in this fast-moving area. So, let’s begin by sharing our thoughts on the sharing economy and our vision for Yepti.

Yepti is a newly relaunched sharing-economy platform aiming to empower people through affordable access to specialist equipment. We seek to be part of the solution to the economic, social, and environmental problems faced by all of us here in Denmark and beyond.

Overconsumption is one of the most pressing factors in environmental impact, the greatest challenge facing us all today. We need to reduce our consumption of resources in order to protect the world we share. Everything we buy has a high environmental cost in its production, and a high financial cost for us as consumers. Yet there are so many things that we need in our daily lives, for work, and for our projects.

A musician may ask themself: ‘do I need an amplifier for my next gig’? A photographer might ask: ‘do I need a faster portrait lens for a low-light wedding shoot’? You may take a look at your apartment floorboards and think: ‘do I need an electric sander to smooth this surface’? The answer to all of these types of questions will most often be ‘yes’ – but the answer comes with high costs – both environmental and financial. What we need, then, is a way of mitigating these costs.

The solution to lowering these costs becomes apparent when we ask an additional question: ‘do I need to own this item’. The answer here, is most often ‘no’. Yet despite the fact that we live on a shared world, but we have not yet fully embraced the fact that we must share its resources in order to preserve it. We still feel driven to own, and to consume.

Yepti provides a sharing platform which removes this ownership factor. Sharing specialist equipment amongst ourselves makes it more accessible, affordable, and reduces our impact on the environment by minimising consumption. Those of us with the most resources have a responsibility to be on the frontier of this sharing-economy development.

We recognise however, that there are several key concerns which need to be resolved before people can fully embrace the sharing of our equipment. First among these is quality. There is a perception in society that rented or shared items tend to be worn-out, old, or low quality. Yepti operates a strict policy of quality control, ensuring that our users can always be certain about the products they use. Another problem is trust and security – ‘can I trust this stranger with my 10.000kr DSLR setup’; ‘can I trust that this stranger will give me the DSLR I am paying to use’. Yepti uses the fast and secure identity verification tool Veriff so that the identities of our users are transparent and certain for all, allowing trust to flourish. The final obstacle is the safety of your items. What happens if you lend your cherished, valuable equipment and it gets lost, stolen, or broken? Yepti also covers this; all items shared using our platform are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy of up to 100.000kr – so you can relax and share without fear or stress.

Whilst we at Yepti hope to extend our reach, we launch with a focus on three main categories – Photography & Filmmaking, Music & Lighting, and Tools – to build a foundation. We chose these product areas because these items tend to be prohibitively expensive, and often unused for long periods of time. With Yepti, you can enhance your creativity by gaining access to equipment which would normally be beyond your reach, and earn a little extra money whilst helping out someone else by sharing your own equipment too.

Yepti isn’t going to save the world on its own, but, like other sharing-economy platforms, we are moving forward and redefining consumption and ownership.


Michael J. Yule | Community Manager


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