Bike sharing will change city life

Welcome back to Share:. In this guest post, our partners at the Danish initiative Donkey Republic discuss the bike-sharing concept, its sustainability implications, and its impact on the urban environment. The key sustainability aspect of Donkey Republic’s service, in addition to the environmental impact of travelling by bike rather than by car, is the resource efficiency. Their innovative sharing-system allows a large number of users to complete a very large number of journeys, using relatively few bicycles (compared to if all of those people owned a personal bike). Donkey Republic are therefore an excellent example of how resource-efficiency can be massively boosted by sharing.

Yepti and Donkey Republic share core values and we both see the sharing-economy as a route towards a more sustainable future. In the interests of pursuing these common goals and as a part of our combined efforts to create a sharing-economy community, Donkey Republic are kindly offering discounts on rentals and memberships for all Yepti users. You can find out more below, and I will now handover to Donkey Republic.

– Michael

Bike sharing will change city life

Bike-sharing hits the news every day but the mission of these fairly-new companies in the sharing economy is often misunderstood. Bike sharing was originally invented to make cycling an accessible, popular and widely applied mode of transportation and since then these companies took upon the responsibility and opportunity to ease the pressure on overcrowded cities of the future and to solve the challenge of the ever shrinking public space. The bike-share movement also has potential to put pressure on decision makers in city planning to divert more resources to bicycle infrastructure improvements and eventually to contribute to positive urban mobility developments around the world.

We have a mission to make city life better for everyone. We believe that cycling can be the hero of urban mobility and a catalyst for greener, more liveable and less traffic-congested cities. We export the Danish cycling culture to more than 40 cities in Europe where our orange Donkey Bikes are placed around the city and Donkey riders can find and rent them 24/7 with a few clicks in the Donkey Republic app. Our bike-share system is suited for both long and short bike rentals, providing an option for both visitors and locals to get easy access to good quality city bikes with the same app at home and away.”

Erdem Ovacik, CEO of Donkey Republic.
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The modern citizen and conscious consumer tries to optimise cost, effectiveness, space and time, and for them, shared resources are more favorable. Airbnb and car-sharing became widely popular because these platforms provide access to relatively expensive assets that a lot of people find hard or unnecessary to buy. However the same way, smaller items like an iron, a drill or a bicycle are also being shared. This way reducing the total number of these objects in the world and making the everyday life of a citizen hassle-free. The responsibilities of modern sharing economy platforms are remaining the same, providers take care of additional costs, storage, maintenance, saving users not just money but time and space too.

Last year, Donkey Republic introduced bike-share memberships. Locals now can choose Donkey plans making their city transport easier. For somebody that uses bikes more often and believes in the benefits of not owning one (or more than one), commuters can get unlimited Donkey bike rides for a fixed monthly fee of 149kr. Bike-share members do not have to think about storing their iron horses, bike theft or maintenance, Donkey Republic takes care all of that. If your shared bike gets a flat tire, just swap it in the app, report it, and a mechanic will come to repair it.

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Shaped for modern city dwellers, Donkey Republic is a global bike-share system, meaning local Donkey plans can be used in all European cities where the bright orange bikes are available. Same app, same bikes, same system. Great for anyone commuting to or from other big cities, and also a very convenient way to get around when travelling.

We see a positive change in the mindset in Copenhagen, the cycling capital and one of the most forward thinking cities of the world, where there is more than one bike for every person. We serve commuters and ad-hoc users with our shared bikes in the city and we encourage residents to give up their first or secondary bikes to save space and try sharing services for their daily commute.”


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